10 Gifts for Book Lovers

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Before the pandemic started, I was a “Christmas starts after Thanksgiving” person. Now that we’re going on year two of the pandemic, I’m a “let’s wring all the joy we can get out of life and start celebrating Christmas in late August” person.

Since I’m in the Christmas spirit, I decided to make a gift guide. I love lists, books, and shopping, so bookish gift guides are my (un)holy trinity. I found some great stuff this year, and I’m glad to share it. I’m also excited to get some of it for myself.

10 Gifts for Book Lovers

Bibliophile: Diverse Spines by Jane Mount and Jamise Harper

I own the first volume of Bibliophile, and it’s gorgeous. Jane Mount’s illustrations are bold and fun. I can’t imagine a book lover who wouldn’t appreciate a book containing the images of even more books. The fact that this edition of Bibliophile is focused on diverse authors is reason enough to pick up a copy. 

Libro.fm Audiobook Subscription

I just treated myself to this gift idea. (Merry early Christmas to me from me!) I usually use the library for my audiobooks, but there were a couple that I was too impatient to wait for, so I subscribed to Libro.fm. So far, I love it. I appreciate how easy the website and app are to use, and I like the suggested listening lists. Plus, money from my purchases goes to the local indie in my city instead of Amazon. Basically, this subscription was a Christmas gift for them, so you’re welcome, Auntie’s.

Children’s Library Tote Bag

If you have little ones in your life, I can’t imagine a cuter gift than this personalized tote bag. It’s cute, inexpensive, and will help keep them organized. What could be better than that?

Concrete Bookends/Planters

Every book lover needs bookends. I love that this concrete set is as practical as it is beautiful. Plus, the company that makes them is called You Concrete Me, which delights me to my core.

Reads & Roasts Gift Set

Books and coffee are one of life’s great pairings. Out of Print is offering bundles this year in which you get a newly released hardcover and coffee for $28. I love this idea!

Raised by Libraries Sweatshirt

How cute is this? And how many book lovers would quickly say this slogan is true?

Inspirational Quote Wall Calendar

This stunning calendar includes quotes from Jane Austen, Rumi, and Victor Hugo, among other literary favorites. I’ll be getting this for myself.

Bookish Postcards

I love this set of postcards from the Bookshelf, an indie bookstore in Thomasville, Georgia. These would be cute to send or frame.

The Book Hookup Box

This subscription box from the Strand is yet another item on this list that I want for myself. You get a hardcover, paperback, and bookish goodies once a quarter. They have several genres from which to choose, such as feminist lit, political nonfiction, young adult, and more.

Literary Pillow

I’ve previously written about the 6 essentials for a cozy reading day. Pillows should have made the list, but alas, they did not. Since I published that post back in 2019, I’ve realized the error of my ways. Pillows are essential to my reading happiness. I like to feel as if I’m in a cocoon of softness when I read. (I’m sure that’s normal, so don’t worry about it.) I love the Virginia Woolf pillow pictured above, but this company has other great choices, too.

What’s the best bookish gift you’ve ever been given? What’s the best bookish gift you ever gave? Happy shopping!

10 Bookish Gift Ideas

Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

The last thing the internet needs is another gift guide, yet here we are. I had so much fun making last year’s that I wanted to do it again. I realized as I was putting together items for this year that this is basically just a list of stuff I want for myself. Instead of buying all of it, though, I’m sharing it with you. ‘Tis the season for giving!

Many of the gift guides I view share stuff that’s a tad pricey, suggesting I get Aunt Carol a $500.00 crystal bowl in the shape of a swan. All of the items I’m sharing today are under $40.00, however, and would make the book lovers in your life quite happy. Merry shopping!

Bibliophile a reader's journal

Bibliophile Reader’s Journal by Jane Mount | $15.95

Jane Mount’s illustrations are beautiful, and who doesn’t love a journal? (ANSWER: Monsters with no souls.) Inside this beauty are guided pages in which to track your reading. This might be in my Amazon cart right now.

Leather bookmarks with text of your choice

Customized Leather Bookmark | $30.48

How lovely are these bookmarks? I love gifts that are both beautiful and practical. You can create these bookmarks with the quote of your choosing and personalize them with your loved one’s name or initials. This would make such a special gift.

Small bookends that look like dogs

Dog Bookends | $38.99

Bookends are great. Dogs are also great. But dog bookends? It’s almost too much greatness.

Striped pillow with pocket that says coffee book nap repeat

Pillow with Pocket | $39.00

“Coffee, book, nap, repeat” is what I live by on a daily basis. Any home decor item that celebrates that routine is a winner, especially when it has a cute pocket and adorable stripes. I just love this little pillow.

Canvas tote bag with a stack of books on it

Kate Spade Book Tote | $26.95

Maybe you’re like me and have approximately 27 tote bags. That doesn’t mean you don’t need a 28th tote bag.

1000 books to read before you die desktop calendar

1,000 Books to Read Before You Die Desk Calendar | $14.99

This calendar includes book recommendations, quizzes, quotes, and more. I can’t imagine any reader not wanting this on their desk.

Warm and cozy candle

Warm + Cozy Candle from Sweet Water Decor | $17.99

You know what book people like? Being warm and cozy with their books. Add to their experience with this candle that’s a mixture of orange, ginger, pine, and cinnamon.

Vintage book page with print of a typewriter and flowers on top

Typewriter Vintage Poster | $12.12

Etsy has many beautiful prints, but I especially like this one. There’s something about typewriters I just love, and the addition of the bright flowers makes this picture fun and unique.

Bibliophilia postcard set

Bibliophilia: 100 Literary Postcards | $15.47

I’ve seen these in person at a local store and almost bought them for myself, thinking they’d look great as wall art. I knew I didn’t need 100 literary postcards then, but it’s possible I need them now. One must always be prepared.

3-Tier Metal Utility Cart | $35.00

I have a couple of these serving at nightstands right now and I love them. They hold a lot of books, look sleek, and are easy to move. If you know someone whose bookshelves are overflowing, this cart will help and look cute at the same time.

I hope this was as fun for you as it was for me. Did you see anything you like?

A Gift Guide for Book People

As you might have noticed from the music, store Christmas tree displays, and crowded malls, the holidays are quickly approaching. I relish this time of year, including shopping for the people I love. With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to put together a bookish gift guide. Whether you’re searching for a gift for a friend or want something special for yourself, I’m sure there’s something here for you. Let’s get shopping.

Gift Guide.png

  • Author Bookmarks | $5
    • I bought these for myself a while back, and they’re delightful.
  • Harper Perennial Olive Editions | $10
    • If you know someone who loves classics, the latest editions of the Olive series are beautiful.
  • Books Washi Tape | $3.55
    • Someone who keeps a planner or book journal would love this cute tape.
  • Edgar Allan Poe-ka Dot Pouch | $12
    • A friend gifted me this pouch years ago and it’s still going strong. It makes me happy every time I see it.
  • 100 Books Scratch-Off Poster | $15
    • How fun is this poster? If you get great joy from crossing off items on your to-do list, scratching off the squares might serve as a good push to read those classics you’ve meant to read.
  • Powell’s Literature Water Bottle | $12
    • When I use this water bottle, I feel more hydrated and well-read.

Gift Guide(2).png

  • Library Stamp T-Shirt | $28
    • This is perfect for any library lover.
  • Book Smart Tote Bag | $19.99
    • Make sure your bookworm best friend has something to carry her books in.
  • My Ideal Bookshelf | $24.99
    • This book is full of beautiful illustrations by Jane Mount and contains so many great reading recommendations.
  • William Shakespeare Library Candle | $25
    • Candles are lovely all year long, but especially when it gets cold outside. I might like reading Shakespeare more if I had this candle.
  • Reading Journal | Starts at $32.95
    • How cute is this journal? It’s customizable, too!
  • Reading Rest | $30
    •  This reading rest is ideal for someone who’s always reading on their lunch break.

Gift Guide(4).png

  • Personalized 5 Book Set | $195
    • A set from Juniper Books is on my bookish bucket list. Their work is just stunning.
  • 1984 Sweatshirt | $50
    • Wear the books you love with a literary sweatshirt.
  • Bookends + Lamp | Starts at $58.80
    • This is both functional and beautiful, a solid combo.
  • Book of the Month Subscription | $79.99 for 6 months
    • You know your sister wants to read more, but neither one of you know where to start. With a BOTM subscription, she can choose her own titles.
  • Custom Ideal Bookshelf Print | $95
    • If you know your BFF’s favorite books, this would be such a thoughtful, meaningful gift.
  • Page 1 Books Subscription | $70 for 3 months
    • If you like the idea of a book subscription but want something more personal than BOTM, Page 1 is a perfect choice.

May your holiday season include much bookish goodness.