10 Gifts for Book Lovers

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Before the pandemic started, I was a “Christmas starts after Thanksgiving” person. Now that we’re going on year two of the pandemic, I’m a “let’s wring all the joy we can get out of life and start celebrating Christmas in late August” person.

Since I’m in the Christmas spirit, I decided to make a gift guide. I love lists, books, and shopping, so bookish gift guides are my (un)holy trinity. I found some great stuff this year, and I’m glad to share it. I’m also excited to get some of it for myself.

10 Gifts for Book Lovers

Bibliophile: Diverse Spines by Jane Mount and Jamise Harper

I own the first volume of Bibliophile, and it’s gorgeous. Jane Mount’s illustrations are bold and fun. I can’t imagine a book lover who wouldn’t appreciate a book containing the images of even more books. The fact that this edition of Bibliophile is focused on diverse authors is reason enough to pick up a copy. 

Libro.fm Audiobook Subscription

I just treated myself to this gift idea. (Merry early Christmas to me from me!) I usually use the library for my audiobooks, but there were a couple that I was too impatient to wait for, so I subscribed to Libro.fm. So far, I love it. I appreciate how easy the website and app are to use, and I like the suggested listening lists. Plus, money from my purchases goes to the local indie in my city instead of Amazon. Basically, this subscription was a Christmas gift for them, so you’re welcome, Auntie’s.

Children’s Library Tote Bag

If you have little ones in your life, I can’t imagine a cuter gift than this personalized tote bag. It’s cute, inexpensive, and will help keep them organized. What could be better than that?

Concrete Bookends/Planters

Every book lover needs bookends. I love that this concrete set is as practical as it is beautiful. Plus, the company that makes them is called You Concrete Me, which delights me to my core.

Reads & Roasts Gift Set

Books and coffee are one of life’s great pairings. Out of Print is offering bundles this year in which you get a newly released hardcover and coffee for $28. I love this idea!

Raised by Libraries Sweatshirt

How cute is this? And how many book lovers would quickly say this slogan is true?

Inspirational Quote Wall Calendar

This stunning calendar includes quotes from Jane Austen, Rumi, and Victor Hugo, among other literary favorites. I’ll be getting this for myself.

Bookish Postcards

I love this set of postcards from the Bookshelf, an indie bookstore in Thomasville, Georgia. These would be cute to send or frame.

The Book Hookup Box

This subscription box from the Strand is yet another item on this list that I want for myself. You get a hardcover, paperback, and bookish goodies once a quarter. They have several genres from which to choose, such as feminist lit, political nonfiction, young adult, and more.

Literary Pillow

I’ve previously written about the 6 essentials for a cozy reading day. Pillows should have made the list, but alas, they did not. Since I published that post back in 2019, I’ve realized the error of my ways. Pillows are essential to my reading happiness. I like to feel as if I’m in a cocoon of softness when I read. (I’m sure that’s normal, so don’t worry about it.) I love the Virginia Woolf pillow pictured above, but this company has other great choices, too.

What’s the best bookish gift you’ve ever been given? What’s the best bookish gift you ever gave? Happy shopping!

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