How to Find Your Next Book

Between my Goodreads TBR and the hundreds of unread books I own, you wouldn’t think I’d be looking for new books to read. You’d be wrong, however, because I can’t help myself. Since I work in libraries, I tell myself hunting for new books is research for my job. Sometimes it is, but most of the time I just want a new, shiny book to read. In today’s post, I’m sharing my favorite resources for finding books. You can never have too many (or so I tell myself).


If you want to know what books are coming out each week but don’t want to spend time browsing various websites or stores, the Any New Books newsletter is for you. Other than the convenience, my favorite thing about Any New Books is that you can subscribe only to the lists you’re interested in. I get weekly emails about biographies and memoirs, mysteries, general fiction, and religion because those are my favorite genres. Being able to customize what’s coming into your inbox is a smart feature and one I appreciate. 


If you’d like to read and review new books before they’re released, sign up for NetGalley and Edelweiss. These sites are geared toward professionals like librarians, book buyers, and reviewers, but even if you’re none of those things, it’s worth creating an account. You visit the site, see what books you’re interested in, and either download what’s automatically available or put in a request for access. Back when I had zero online presence, I had a NetGalley account and was still approved for a lot of titles, so it’s worth a try even if you think you won’t get access to anything. The emails NetGalley sends out previewing new titles are helpful too. 


Like most people, I enjoy getting stuff in the mail, especially when it’s books from Page 1 Books or Book of the Month. I mentioned both of these services in my gift guide for book people, but they’re worth a second look. They’re both subscriptions, but different kinds. (This isn’t an ad; I genuinely love these services.)

With Page 1 Books, you fill out a form indicating what you like to read, and they send you a handpicked book each month. The book comes beautifully wrapped and includes some bookish goodies. If you’re concerned about getting a book you already own or don’t like, just let Page 1 know, and they’ll send you a replacement and let you keep the other book. I love love love this subscription. Their prices start at $65 for a 3-month subscription.

Book of the Month allows readers to choose what books they receive. Each month there’s a selection of 5 books. These are hardcover new releases and can include fantasy, romance, thrillers, literary fiction, and much more. A monthly membership costs $14.99, and you can add on up to two more books for $9.99 each. You also get access to BOTM’s past selections until they sell out. If there’s nothing that interests you in a certain month, your credits will roll over to the next one. 


I’ve been obsessed with podcasts lately. The first one I ever listened to is What Should I Read Next? With Anne Bogel, and it’s still a favorite. (Anne’s blog is lovely, too.) Each week on the podcast Anne interviews a guest. They’re asked about their reading life and list three books they love, one they don’t, and what they’re reading now. With that in mind, Anne suggests three books they might enjoy reading next. I’ve gotten a lot of good recommendations from this show. Occasionally there are guests whose reading taste is entirely opposite of mine, but I still enjoy listening. Hearing readers talk passionately about books is always enjoyable, whether I want to read those books or not.  

There are many resources out there for finding books (including your local librarians), but these are the ones that continually work for me. What about you? How do you find your books? 

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